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11 signs of skin cancer

According to experts, skin cancer will continue to increase in the next 15 years. The good news is that if detected and treated early, the disease can be cured completely in 90% of cases.
Skin cancer is divided into three basic types: basal cell carcinoma (BCC), malignant melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).

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BCC is the most common form of skin cancer and is usually found in areas that are exposed to sunlight (neck, face, arms, arms). Malignant melanoma mainly refers to moles and is the deadliest type of skin cancer. SCC is similar to BCC except it includes cancer in the mouth, on the lips, and around the genitals; The disease is also often derived from pre-existing conditions (such as disease or heredity).
The following are "small" signs that can potentially cause big trouble if not detected in time:
1. Unbalanced size moles
Imagine you split the fly in half and see if the two halves fit together. Unbalanced moles are not good.
2. Mole has a lacrimal or irregular edge
Normal moles are usually smooth.
3. Mole becomes darker or color changes
4. Moles increase
Any note that is larger than the eraser at the tip of the pencil needs to be checked.
5 Moles are bleeding or painful
6. The acne does not go away in the skin exposed to the sun
Acne can appear and disappear at one time or another, but if there is a bump that does not go away after a month or more, it's probably not a normal acne.
7. Bruise from your feet
8. Exposure to HPV
Genital infection with the virus can also develop squamous cells and lead to skin cancer.
9. An "Inappropriate Sores"
This condition usually refers to problems in the mouth (due to smoking). Oral cancer is SCC type, so quit smoking.

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10. Streaks of brown or black under fingernails or toes
11. Scaly skin, peeling
There is a big difference between skin cancer and non-related diseases like dry skin, psoriasis, or eczema, although they have the same appearance. The area of ​​skin cancer is usually swollen and does not respond to topical creams that most other diseases have responded to.
Although these symptoms are not always 100% skin cancer, however, you should see a dermatologist to be sure.
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