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9 Japanese find their own death in a shocking way

Takahiro Shiraishi, 27, admitted to having seduced nine people in his home and then murdered them brutally.

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In Shiraishi's "shocking house", the police discovered the bodies were chopped and stored in cold boxes. The victims included eight women and one man, contacted Shiraishi via social networking and lured them to their home on the grounds that they would die because all victims were thought to be suicidal.

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白石の「衝撃的な家」では、警察は体がチョップされて冷たい箱に保管されていることを発見した。 犠牲者は8人の女性と1人の男性を含み、ソーシャルネットワーキングを介して白石に連絡し、すべての犠牲者が自殺していると考えられたため死ぬという理由で自宅に誘いました。

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