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Abuse of mouthwash is harmful to health

Bad breath is a phenomenon encountered at all ages, all the worries cause problems for patients, especially when communicating, even with relatives, especially when meeting with important partners. Therefore, some people have to use mouth spray perfume. However, abuse of this solution may affect health.

Causes of bad breath

There are many causes of bad breath, which are caused by food left in the mouth or between teeth, which is disturbed by bacteria, which can lead to odors or dental disease (infection of the gums, tooth enamel It is a good environment for pathogenic microorganisms to enter and cause bad breath ...), tongue disease inflammation, ulcer is where the food debris is easy to stick and is a good environment for bacteria to break down protein to produce odors); 

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Or by mouth drying by reducing saliva (saliva is responsible for keeping the mouth moist, helping digestion, reducing changes in acid acidity in the mouth and digestion of starch) and when the acid in the mouth is high, more proliferation, or by eating some oily foods that cause bad breath like garlic, onions or high in protein or fatty foods.
Bad breath is most common in people with respiratory diseases (rhinitis, pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis) or chronic lung disease or lung cancer. Bad breath is also seen in gastroesophageal reflux disease - gastritis, gastric ulcer ... And smokers (cigarettes, tobacco, cigars) most have bad breath caused by chronic inflammation. Respiratory.
Aromatic sprays are mainly natural herbs (mint, cinnamon, cinnamon, licorice ...) and some mouthwashes with alcohol added to increase the ability mouth disinfection, throat.
Menthol oil helps the user to feel fresh, refreshing breath. Thymol essential oils have a good disinfectant effect; Cinnamon oil has antioxidant effects, bacteria and fungus ... Alcohol has high antiseptic properties to prevent the growth, development of bacteria, viruses, fungus in the oral cavity. Advantages of oral sprays are fast acting in reducing mouth odor, which is used in cases where people with bad breath problems are unclear or after eating or smelling foods. need to reduce the urgent smell.

Disadvantages of mouth odor spray

Aromatic sprays do not work to cure bad breath, so bad breath can not be relieved when used and its effects last only for 4-6 hours. Furthermore, abuse can increase the risk of bad breath.
Aromatic sprays can "fool" the user's senses and make the user feel more confident in a certain time (with the exception of drug-containing sprays specialized medicine prescribed by the doctor). Because, if used long-term oral spray perfume, bad breath is not lost but may get worse. This is due to the rapid drying of the mucous membranes (including alcohol), the loss of natural humidity in the oral cavity, the presence of microorganisms in the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. (bacteria, viruses, fungi) grow faster and produce more toxins (some pathogenic microorganisms also produce foul smells) that make the throat and mouth become more inflamed. And bad breath grows worse, affecting the health of the user.

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In addition, the smell deceives the sensation of the sick person, causing the person with bad breath to think that he or she has lost his breath, so forget or neglect healing the causes of bad breath (sore throat, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pneumonia or continue to eat garlic odor such as garlic ... or continue to smoke) or forgot oral hygiene daily makes bad breath increasingly worsening. Especially for people with poor oral hygiene, the use of too often spray perfume spray, not only increased odor but also cause more severe dental disease that the user does not. I know.
In summary, it must be determined that mouthwash is not a remedy for bad breath. Therefore, to stop bad breath must first be determined by the medical examination, on which the doctor will treat the root causes of bad breath and will stop bad breath. Some cases, like smoking, stop smoking and clean the mouth, clean teeth daily for a short time will stop bad breath. Limit consumption of spices such as garlic, onions and after eating should clean throat, mouth, teeth clean.

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