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Accompanying actor to play JAV of hot Japanese movie industry

More and more JAV actors expose the hidden corners, scammers extremely scary and scary scams of the Japanese adult film industry.
Sweet lures
The cherry blossoms are shaken by the tears of a series of actresses seduced by Japanese filmmakers, tricked into filming hot and sexually abused. terrible way.
The narratives of the cast themselves revealed the fact that the Japanese adult film industry recruited an enormous number of actresses every year, with up to 6,000 female recruits each year.
But not everyone is willing to actively participate in this sensitive entertainment.
Saki Kozai (30 years old) is one of the bravest actresses out of the shadows, revealing the tricks, exploits, exploits and exploits of the billion-dollar sex industry.
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Saki Kozai

Saki said that when he was walking on the street, suddenly a man approached, claiming to be a female model chooser, wanted to invite her to the workplace because she had a good appearance. of a model.
The promising newcomer promises to be a top model and the rich and honorable will come to her immediately, she will receive the support of the company in her growing sublime career. .

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At that time, Saki was a young girl, easy to believe and also dreamed of becoming famous, became a popular star. She said luck is coming to me and this is the ticket to her approach to fame and to rich.
Saki immediately accepted the offer and contracted for lucrative offers without knowing that it was a sweet bait to seduce her into the path to becoming a hot movie actress. Entangled can not escape.
The case of Kurumin Aroma (26 years old) is similar to Saki. Kurumin revealed, four years ago when she was a graduate student, the burden of work, the future, the material weighed on her.
Kurumin Aroma
At this moment, she again received an attractive offer from an entertainment company. The company promises that if it is about their company, she will become a beautiful, prestigious and expensive show.
Hoping for a chance to become a TV star, Kurumin agreed. Kurumin said that when he made the invitation, the company was very sweet, polite and courteous to her, making her feel very trustworthy and secure.
Force the contract
Expecting the entertainment companies to keep an eye on is that the girls have been stepping forward to showbiz, the future became stars in front of the eyes, but they did not expect that, the aura is only in thought. statue
In fact, they get just fierce, fierce and filthy. They were seduced and stripped of their hot images. They continue to be deceived that this is a peculiarity of the modeling profession, and that they want to be known quickly and well known.
Even if they do not accept it, they are still forced to sign a contract - a contract that obliges the girl to undress. Previously signed contracts oblige them to continue signing this contract. If they break the contract, they will have to pay exorbitant prices. And they also received threats.

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Gradually, they became nude models and became pornographic filmmakers, even professional prostitutes. They were led, forced, unable to hide, escape. Threats will disrupt their lives, their careers, their future, their happiness and their fear.
Both Saki and Kurumin said they all had to burst into tears when they were first forced to undress. Dozens of people stood around looking at them naked. The sense of humiliation, shame, hardships forever obsessed until now.
When they first film hot, it's a disgust. They are severely wounded, transformed into sexual machines for people to exploit. They feel their lives fail miserably.
Few actresses like them have fled by seeking death. They feel like the only way to die is to help them get rid of this terrible physical and mental incest.

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Authorities on the go
In Japan, because the people are lazy and afraid to get married, the government not only allows the adult film industry to operate legally, publicly but also to encourage marriage rates and higher reproduction.

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Accordingly, the JAV porn industry in Japan is increasingly booming and developing notorious world. Every day, Japanese studios produce hundreds of hot footage. Every year there are tens of thousands of adult films released.

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