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Angry about Japanese JAV actresses

Japanese adult filmmakers are not as happy as we have ever seen in movies. On the contrary, there are people who want to give up their jobs as soon as possible
Japan is well known for being a comfortable country for sex. So the adult film industry in this country is well known for its scale and professionalism around the world.
Every year, Japan JAV receives about 6,000 new actresses who want to enter the adult entertainment industry. Each of them has a different plight to work with.
But the life behind the lens is only they understand and feel. They may be girls who have traded their own youth for money or desire for fame, but there are people who can not even talk about it.

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Because of the aesthetic characteristic of this type of movie, the girls are mostly young and beautiful. There are people who are not even 18 years old. Once inside, they have to follow all the rules of the adult film industry.
The work is sometimes very grim, causing many young girls to feel extreme pressure. But after all the actors and actresses in front of the lens, in real life they are just ordinary women.

Life is boring when not working

Aoi Sora is considered an "adult movie angel" in Japan. She is currently considered one of the most expensive actors in the film industry. If you do not know the main job Aoi is doing, you will not be able to meet her second person.
A normal day for this girl is just relaxing at home or participating in entertainment shows. Aoi said that at first she was scared of the rumors and gossip from people around her work, but then she realized that she was used to it all.

Spend the day preparing to film

One of the news sites in Japan said that most of the adult film actresses here use the stage name, and very few people reveal their real names to the market. Each of them has four to six different names to suit each situation.
Before the film, the actors are prepared thoroughly from the hair, dress to the gods. Sometimes it will be necessary to prepare the day for makeup, script and turn around. They work very seriously to get the best product.

Many people talk when they go out

For many people in Japan, seeing a fleshy leather adult movie star appearing on the street is truly a feat. Because of that, many people often exhibit unacceptable behavior such as staring or even pointing at objects in front of them.
Actresses are sometimes very upset about this, but they can not personally do anything else because it's a job while the need to use services like normal people is a must.

Pressure from family, society

There is another case where the daughter secretly filmed but was discovered by parents. They came straight to the company that demanded the recall and destruction of their daughter's image and threatened to bring the company to court. But it was all too late, partly because the tapes were sold out, and partly because they worked on signing papers so they could not do anything else.
There are also many married women but then because of incomplete marriage should have come to this way looking forward to relief. Some people are very successful but there are people who can not stand long and must quickly retire.

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Recruiting actors must keep themselves

Those who recruit adult movie actresses are not allowed to act intimately close to the candidates. Senior professionals often say this is a work-in-progress, not a touch.
Those who have high spirits often try to refuse when the girls deliberately attacked themselves. However, there are many colleagues who can not control themselves have lost their jobs in a pensive way.
In the process of filmmaking, as revealed by a person in the industry, from director, photographer to film must maintain calm, natural feelings and absolutely not comment, tease the actor. Anyone who has a bad intention will be fired.

Actors must respect the actors

Actors must be carefully examined before they are chosen to work. They must be physically strong and have good morals. The rule here is that the actors in the process of work are not expressing the willingness, impolite and absolute respect for partners.
They will not ask for a phone number or invite a female entertainer to chat and quietly come back home and continue the next day after work.

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