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APEC 2017 Vietnam affirms its position

On the occasion of Vietnam's second event, APEC 2017, international opinion has made a positive assessment of Vietnam's role in the international arena.

APEC prioritizes human resource development

Vietnam is ready for the APEC 2017 Summit


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[INFOGRAPHIC] Things to know about APEC

The achievements of Vietnam after more than 30 years of innovation and Vietnam's role in the international arena through the APEC Forum this year, these are issues discussed by experts in Russia and Vietnam at the Conference Round took place in Moscow earlier this month. The workshop was organized by the Vietnam and ASEAN Research Center under the Far East Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences.
At the workshop, experts focused on the achievements of Vietnam after 30 years of renovation; to diversify foreign economic activities; diversification in foreign policy; actively integrate the regional and world economy.
According to experts, since 1986, Vietnam has rapidly joined the international community as a developing country, emerging as a potential political leader in Southeast Asia.
"For a short time, the first time APEC took place in Hanoi in 2006 and today, after more than 10 years, is the second, which shows Vietnam in general and its economic achievements. Vietnam is highly valued in the active role of international life. "After joining APEC, Vietnam has more opportunities to strengthen its influence and role in the Asia-Pacific region." - said Vladimir Mazyrin, Director of the Center for Vietnamese and ASEAN Studies, Far East Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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As the host country of APEC this year, Vietnam has launched many initiatives related to the common spirit, to create new momentum to share benefits among member economies. From the agenda of the APEC summit, Vietnamese and Russian experts actively seek and evaluate the effectiveness of cooperation in areas where both sides share the same interests in order to coordinate actions within the framework of APEC. 

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