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APEC business leaders urge leaders to be committed to globalization

In the context of rising protectionism in many places, the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) calls on the leaders of the economies to continue integrating and removing trade barriers.
On the morning of November 5, the APEC Summit in Danang began with the Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Conference. This is the fourth and final ABAC meeting this year. Picture: Tien Tuan.
Speaking to the media, ABAC President, Mr. Said in a meeting that ABAC will review recommendations prepared for submission to APEC leaders at the Nov. 10 meeting, Set up the 2018 action plan in Papua New Guinea. Picture: Tien Tuan.
The Advisory Council will focus on three issues of APEC Leadership. The first is to integrate deeper into the region, remove barriers to protection, create the most favorable for businesses to develop trade and investment. Second, support small and medium enterprises to improve their competitiveness and access to finance. The third is to push the application of science and technology and advances in digital. Picture: Tien Tuan.

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Previously, the council intends to submit 20 recommendations, but then it is suggested Vietnam to withdraw, focusing only on three key recommendations, which have a core impact on the region. Picture: Tien Tuan.
For APEC in general, talks with, APEC Executive Director Alan Bollard acknowledged that protectionism is rising in some economies, but not all economies of APEC and this forum is a good place to address these disagreements over free trade. "APEC is becoming more important in this environment. (Unlike free trade agreements) APEC is a long-term play." Picture: Tien Tuan.
"There are some disagreements in the discussion but Vietnam has made efforts to reach a consensus," Bollard said. The Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat highly valued Vietnam's role in APEC 2017, not only in preparing the infrastructure for meetings, but also in coordinating and seeking consensus among leaders. 21 economy. In the photo, Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son and Alan Bollard at ABAC's 4th meeting. Picture: Tien Tuan.
The APEC Business Advisory Council, which brings together voices from the private sector, will make recommendations to APEC leaders on annual dialogues, giving advice on gender priorities and concerns. enterprise. ABAC meets four times a year, ABAC representatives also attend high-level meetings, ministerial meetings and APEC regional ministerial meetings. Picture: Tien Tuan.
Each member economy has three business leaders attending ABAC, which are appointed by the economic leader. The ABAC chairmanship is in the APEC economies, so the position will change each year. ABAC represents a diverse area that encompasses both small and large businesses. Picture: Tien Tuan.

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The ABAC 2017 Action Plan will address four priorities: promoting regional economic integration; Reaching for sustainable growth, creativity and encompassing; Promote the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises and encourage innovation in the digital age; Ensure food security and promote smart agriculture with post-harvest and sustainability.

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