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BKAV uses Face Mask 3D printing to fool Face ID on iPhone X


When Apple announced FaceID on the iPhone X, they launched a series of numbers that demonstrated its security. The most notable of which is FaceID can not be fooled by the mask. Phil Schiller said, "The company has worked with Hollywood masks and makeup professionals to ensure that these methods can not overtake FaceID

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The technical team used real masks to train the neural network to protect FaceID. "
And today, security company BKAV Vietnam has rejected that statement by publishing a video demonstrating that the mask can completely out FaceID to unlock without the owner there.
"The mask is made up of a combination of 3D printing with a layer of makeup and a 2D image, along with some fine-tuning on the chin and around the frame." Face where there's a big skin to fool FaceID or AI. "
BKAV has said that the face security technology is "not perfect enough" to become reliable on smartphones or PCs.

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