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Da Nang hang flower basket on the routes to welcome APEC 2017

Apart from organizing the main events, the authorities and people of Da nang City are doing their best to welcome the APEC 2017 Summit with small but practical actions such as: public, street cleaning, spreading smiles, especially hanging and caring for flowers on the main roads frequently visited by the delegation.

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One of the most beautiful and easy-to-see images is the thousands of flower baskets hanging and being looked after by the people on many of the city's main streets such as Bach Dang, Nguyen Van Linh, Tran Phu, Le Duan ... These are the main paths that the APEC Senior Delegation will regularly visit during the APEC Senior Officials' Meeting in Da Nang.
Therefore, the government and the people have contributed together to contribute funds and efforts to enhance the center line. For each route, one green tree will be hung from 3 to 6 baskets of flowers on the tree, while the bottom of the tree will be covered with many flower pots around the blooming to make the street beautiful and add. highlighted.
To ensure that the baskets are fresh from now until the end of the APEC Senior Week, people and business households will be mobilized each morning to take care of each other. , replace the flowerpot withering when necessary.


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Nguyen Ngoc, a resident of Bach Dang Street, said: "This is one of the major international events taking place in our hometown, our people are very proud and happy to welcome the event. This. The contribution of the people is small, but we hope to convey to the guests about the beautiful people and cities, where the guests will not forget.
Da nang people want to convey the most beautiful images to international visitors to a friendly Danang, hospitable, beautiful harmony that is extremely simple. Through it to send warm greetings to the high-ranking delegates as well as visitors when you arrive in this city, a city will come when will come to expect.

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