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Da nang is ready for the opening of APEC 2017

On the morning of November 5, the day before the official opening of the APEC 2017 Opening Ceremony, Da nang has basically completed the preparation work and in particular at the press center for domestic and foreign news agencies. , functional forces are rushing to complete the final work.
Nearly all day, Da Nang suffered continuous waves of rain and wind. "We did our best to prepare for APEC Week, including good weather, but we could not control it, so I'm very sorry, we hope the weather will be better in a few days. ", said ABAC Chairman 2017 Hoang Van Dung during the opening session of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) on 5 November.
At the press center, security checks are strictly enforced.
By early afternoon the same day, the area issued, cards issued to the media units are still dozens of correspondents to contact, do the related procedures.


In the area of operations for journalists and news agencies around the world to monitor the APEC 2017, from the morning of 5/11 has been equipped with full technical infrastructure. Here, reporters are supported both notebooks to work.
With the preparation from many months ago, Da Nang hopes to support the best communication.
APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Forum 2017 with the theme of "Creating New Motivation and Working Together" will be held in Da Nang from 6 to 11/11.

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