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Da Nang will blockade Son Tra Peninsula to serve APEC

The leaders of the APEC convention in Danang usually bring their security guards, but must adhere to the security principles of the host country.
Colonel Le Van Tam - Director of Da Nang Police Department, in charge of Health and Security Subcommittee (APEC National Committee 2017).
- What is the mission of the APEC Security and Health Subcommittee in Danang?
- Subcommittee on security and safety measures for delegates to attend APEC in Da Nang, from November 3 to 11. Specifically, to ensure political security, prevention of hostile forces, traffic safety, hygiene and food safety, health care ...
Colonel Le Van Tam - Director of Danang Police. Picture: Nguyen Dong.

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Expected leaders of 21 member economies and about 10,000 attendees at home and abroad. Therefore, our central task is to try not to let criminal activity affect the delegations attending the high-level week.

From the beginning of the year to now, the police have deployed several high-level crackdowns crimes, breaking many cases, arresting suspects involved in drug dealing, smuggling, robbery.
From 2 to 12/11, security forces will also blockade, control people and means up and down the Son Tra peninsula, only allow the car's delegation to attend the peninsula, because at the resort Son Tra will hold an important meeting of the week.
We also have plans to ban unmanned vehicles, move all vessels at Han River port to Song Thu port to make APEC parking lots, requesting to stop construction works in the area to limit The transportation of materials, traffic signs, signal lights ...
The task of protecting APEC is especially important, and it requires the direction from the central level, such as the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health, and there must be coordination between the various forces and branches in the locality, from the police to the border guard, airport security, police fire, medical team.
- The main APEC events take place at various locations, which makes it difficult to work in security and health?
- The plane, specialists parked at Da Nang International Airport will be strictly protected, with the delegation car by the Department of Traffic Police take the delegates to the coastal resort. However, due to the long distance travel, it is also a great obstacle in ensuring security.
We teamed up with the military to ensure security at the airport. There are guards at the union passage. At the coast, the border guard will be stationed regularly to patrol. Waterway police are responsible for patrol and protection on rivers and seas.
Ladies on the tour are also protected security. The thin police force, at the same time, has to carry out many tasks, so it is necessary to cooperate with other units. With specific options and rehearsal many times, we believe will ensure the safety of the delegation to Da Nang.
- Airport is an important goal, how are the security options deployed here?
- At Da Nang International Airport, the police will coordinate with 372th Division and aviation security to organize the target protection. We have a permanent checkpoint for immigration, guarding the harbor and only the task force is allowed to leave the airport.
Security forces will be guarded from the belt of Da Nang International Airport. Picture: Nguyen Dong.
Some countries will be able to put vehicles into service, but once the airport is down, police and professional police and fire protection will check these vehicles, ensure safety and absolute No risk of fire or explosion on the road.
- Along with the means, many countries also put security forces on guard?
- The delegations to APEC often bring their spouses, spouses and security forces to protect. Some countries have proposed security measures, but we have to consider them in detail.

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Ensuring security will be the responsibility of the host country, so their proposals should be suitable and convenient for management, we agree.
As for the Audi fleet of delegates sponsored by a unit, we also carefully examine the driver, from workmanship to personal identity, resume, ability to communicate, service attitude ... allow new ... delegation These drivers are well trained Vietnamese.
The medical and security forces have been trained in English to handle situations well. Many national delegations have come to check and agree with the options we offer. From now to the end of the month, military exercises will be conducted.
- Over time, there have been many cyberattacks, how are network security issues implemented by the city?
- Network security is a heavy task, so there must be close coordination of many forces. The Department of Information and Communication Da Nang has also plans. The delegations to APEC must provide the frequency base

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