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Eight effective fruit ejaculation early in a month

In addition to the scientific exercise regime, men who eat the following fruits in one month will improve significantly.
As we all know, premature ejaculation is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in men, causing men to lose control over relationships and get out very quickly.
A gentleman is called premature ejaculation when not in control at the time of sexual intercourse and usually arrives after sexual intercourse for 3-5 minutes.

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The lychee contains flavonoids and vitamin C. This is a source of nutrients that the body can not produce. They help the body increase blood circulation, cardiovascular. It is also good for bones, skin and body tissues to help prevent diseases such as colds, fever, sore throat, pain.
Eat 15-20 servings of fabric a day (can use dry cloth) will support it a lot. Illustration.
To relieve pain, people use large seeds of berries, and then boil them in boiling water and then dry them, which can help relieve pain, swelling of the testicles, nervous system, stomach, inguinal hernia, The daily dose of 3-6 grams in the form of decoction.
In the case of testicles pain can use seeds, green tangerine peel, berry, three equal things, small yellow stars, sieve powder drink 8 grams per day with alcohol. Eat 15-20 servings of fabric a day (can use dry cloth) will support it a lot.
In particular, if there are signs of swelling, pain after the operation, can eat this fruit to reduce the discomfort.
Fresh lotus seeds
Lotus seeds (sweetness), wax (to tighten, tighten), calculus (not hot, not cold), the effect of healing, asthma, diarrhea, insomnia, slow abdomen, poor appetite, cure for high fever, dehydration
Once daily, use about 10-15g of fresh lotus seeds steamed with rice, or steamed to eat, which will surprise your ability.
In addition to cure, you can use lotus seed 100g (remove the shell, heart) gold star, 20g light pink (bought in oriental medicine) two things with powder, drink with water filter at close to bed , 1 teaspoon each.
Once a day, use about 10-15g of fresh lotus seeds to steam. Illustration.
Grapefruit is easy to digest, soft drinks, urine and honey. Grapefruit contains polyphenols that have antioxidant effects, protects the cells and cytoplasm of the body against free radical formation.
So eating grapes help young people long, reduce wrinkles, increase resistance, against the penetration of the virus. In addition, grapefruit contains more glucose and fructose easily absorbed, the vitamins and minerals have the effect of increasing the body's resistance.
To treat premature ejaculation, take 250g fresh grapes, peel, remove seeds, add hot water and drink 1-2 times a day, drink regularly for two weeks, take a week off and continue for two weeks ... For people with prostatitis, burning pain when urinating, can be persistent drink this water.
Kiwi is a source of fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamins C and E, excellent antioxidants that can prevent constipation and diarrhea as well as other intestinal problems.
Eating kiwifruit every morning is as effective as aspirin for the heart (reducing blood clots) without side effects such as inflammation and intestinal bleeding.
50g fresh kiwi fruit, soaked with 250ml of hot water, kiwi kiwi and drink two times a day, you will be more than ever.
Mangoes are rich in iron, good for people with anemia. Iron in mango helps to produce more blood needed for the body.
If you eat hard or drink a delicious fruit, it will help the men fight more durable.
The anti-inflammatory effect of papaya is better exerted by the two compounds papain and chymopapain contained in it. This is considered as two types of enzymes that digest the protein effectively, reducing inflammation and healing the injury.

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250g papaya, soaked in 1 liter of rice wine for two weeks, drinking 15ml each day, can prevent premature ejaculation, weak kidney.
250g papaya, soaked in 1 liter of rice wine within two weeks. Illustration.
Chinese apple
Jujube with high vitamins A and E has the ability to absorb free radicals and protect the cell very well. Fiber is distributed in harmony between soluble fiber (40-50%) and insoluble (50-60%). Soluble fiber provides softness to the fruit and is well tolerated by the body, which helps to retain water and support good metabolism. Insoluble fiber plays an important role in enhancing bowel function.
Eating regular jujube is not only good for heart disease, but also cure dysfunction, premature ejaculation.
Eating 2-4 almonds a day can prevent "guns" quickly dissipated, but also support the treatment of kidney stones, urinary stones.

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