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Family broke because of erectile dysfunction

Although his health was normal, he looked healthy and muscular, but five years after his marriage, he could not relate to his wife.
Sexuality expert Nguyen Ba Toan, director of the Sexual Health Development Center, shares the story of a male patient who comes to examine and treat erectile dysfunction.
That is the case of Mr. H. (Thanh Tri, Hanoi). Although his health was normal, he looked healthy and muscular, but five years after his marriage, he could not relate to his wife.
His wife H. can not tolerate the "husband not indifferent as well" should make a divorce.
Seeing that I did not fulfill my husband's duty, Mr. H. signed the petition. The couple split up because of inappropriate sex talk.
After his breakup, H. has a loving but still self-deprecating about himself should go to the male doctor.
In the case of Mr. H, expert Nguyen Ba Toan said, the main cause is because he is affected psychologically. At first, H. had erectile dysfunction but did not go to the clinic and had no treatment so that this condition lasted too long. Gradually, psychological guilt, fault with his wife made him more unable to perform the function of men.
Expert Nguyen Ba Toan pointed out the manifestation of erectile dysfunction gentleman you need to know.
Accordingly, erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in men with penile manifestations that are insufficient or maladaptive to lose the ability to enter the vagina during sexual intercourse.
According to expert Nguyen Ba Toan, erectile dysfunction (impotence) also the phenomenon of penis softening soon, before ejaculation; lack of sexual inspiration; do not ejaculate; premature ejaculation; lack of or loss of orgasm
"The erection of the penis is not sufficient to conduct sexual intercourse fully considered as a person with erectile dysfunction," said Nguyen Ba Toan.
People with erectile dysfunction will lose sexual function. Feeling desirable to decrease or disappear, may be due to abnormal factors such as mental factors, psychological trauma, stress .. also factors affect sexual physiology.
According to expert Nguyen Ba Toan, erectile dysfunction is also listed as physiological weakness. That is when the penis can not do what it is supposed to do. Despite the presence of a complex "control system" controlled by the body, the penis still can not respond to commands at appropriate times.
This disrupts life, activities, and successful intercourse, causing the entire work to collapse.
This is a disease of modern society that greatly influences the relationships of men and has a profound effect on family well-being and the risk of divorce breaks up more and more.
"The family can only be happy when they both feel satisfied and loved. If you live in a marriage that is not in your mind, it will affect the insiders and their relatives, "said Nguyen Ba Toan.

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