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Heart disease can cause erectile dysfunction

When there are signs of erectile dysfunction, you should find out the cause of the disease to timely treatment.
Normal erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to people who have had physiological problems. In terms of medicine, depending on the level of the cause and the condition, doctors can provide appropriate treatment.
But often, for reasons like this or other reasons, patients do not want to go to the clinic, which can make the illness worse or even difficult to recover. According to experts, 80% of men with erectile dysfunction are mentally retarded and the disease is not curable.

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ED is definitely an issue that men are very interested in. On average, more than half of all men over the age of 40 are infected with ED with varying degrees of disease. In contrast, very few people go to the hospital for ED treatment.
Many people basically do not understand the common knowledge of health so often simply attributed all the physiological problems is ED. They always think that they "do not", because of the psychological burden so heavy so naturally the disease is also getting heavier.

How do I know if I have ED?

Experts say that people who have no sexual desire or have problems with erection, sexual intercourse ... or not fully erections think they have erectile dysfunction. The National Institutes of Health defines: continuous (at least 6 months) can not erection or erection is not complete to achieve sexual excitement. There are two possibilities: one is erectile dysfunction, the other two are unable to maintain erection.
If you do not have a continuous erection problem within 6 months or more, you do not necessarily have ED. So absolutely not think that it is a psychological burden if it can not really be impotent. Doctors say that physiologically unstable psychological states and unpredictable lifestyles can lead to different degrees of erectile dysfunction. For example, too much pressure, irregular eating, other illnesses or family discord, ridiculed physiological ... can lead to ED.


80% of the origin of the disease is due to psychological factors

ED consists of two types of mental and physical characteristics, divided into psychological causes and physiological causes. Where psychology is the main cause. According to statistics, among people with erectile dysfunction, people with mental illness accounted for about 85%, of which men are mostly from 30 to 40 years old.
Young, dynamic, high status men will always be busy and under pressure. This makes them inevitably neglect the life of the pillow, plus the bad habits like the whole day to socialize alcohol, less exercise, gradually also affect the sex life.
Doctors explain that when the brain is overloaded, it will interfere with the absorption of oxygen and nutrients, causing disorders of the nervous system, nerves over-excitement, nervous nervous system loss of balance, causing ED. In conditions such as extreme anxiety, depression, menopausal erectile dysfunction even when disappear. This is the cause of ED.
When the cause of psychiatric reasons then can be confirmed that the cause of the disease is due to physiological and pathological factors. These factors include impaired gonad function, body disease, reproductive disease and physical disturbance. The rate of these factors is not high. Therefore, those who have difficulty in sexual function should be actively treated.

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Husband and wife participate in treatment is the best way to treat ED
Proverbs say, "The sick heart also needs medicine." Doctors will use psychological counseling, sex education and supplementary drugs for people with ED due to psychological factors, such as the most effective. For people with ED due to physiology, it is necessary to treat, for example, medication, injection, physiotherapeutic or surgical treatment.
Both partners will help the husband reduce the psychological barrier. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are subjected to the psychological effects of conjugal sex, once the psychological burden increases, the disease becomes more complex and more complicated. form a vicious circle. At this moment the support of the wife is of course very important, the wife must be cunning to deal with, not to be too serious, not too exaggerated, change her attitude and her husband to resolve.

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