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Heart diseases that have been difficult to save, now have many opportunities to live

Continuing many new techniques in heart disease treatment are applied in two hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City. New developments in Vietnamese medicine are expected to bring life to the unfortunate heart disease patients.
Doctors of Disorders Cho Ray Hospital has collaborated with leading experts from the United States and Japan to exchange expertise and transfer techniques for treatment of complicated and difficult cardiac arrhythmias. . The program, which lasted one month and ended November 10, successfully performed 10 patients with multiple complications, with the risk of sudden death at any time.

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The complicated medical complications are: 4 patients with atrial fibrillation; 2 patients with fast heart beat; 4 patients with acute arrhythmias had infiltration pathways.
Dr. Nguyen Tri Thuc, deputy director of the Cardiovascular Center, Dean of the Department of Cardiac Dysfunction, said: "The hospital has been transferred by the American Hearts Around The World team to transfer the techniques of" , helps treat complicated and dangerous arrhythmias. In addition, many high-tech treatments for heart failure have been reported by Japanese specialists to Vietnamese doctors through live-TV surgeries.
After Cho Ray hospital, on November 13, Thong Nhat Hospital officially announced that it has applied the new technology in Vietnam for the first time. This is an EnSite system using radiofrequency radio frequency energy through the catheter ablaze for treatment of arrhythmias: ventricular tachycardia, ventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, ventricular ectopic, ventricular tachycardia ... The system is worth VND 9 billion donated by Dong Nai province.

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The first case was successfully treated NVC (60 years old, in Ho Chi Minh City), was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, stroke, risk of stroke ... Over 3 hours, doctors have to break blood clots in the heart , help the patient return to normal life.
According to TS.BS Truong Quang Khanh, Head of heart of the hospital Thong Nhat, the disease is often difficult to treat atrial fibrillation, stasis blood clots. This new device is very meaningful to help early detection of many stroke survivors as long as possible. In Singapore, the cost of treatment varies from 500 to 600 million VND, but in Vietnam it is only about 120 million, and the health insurance is about 50%.
Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duc Cong, director of Thong Nhat Hospital, said the number of patients with arrhythmias increased dramatically. Only in Unified Hospital if in 2013 only 360 cases, in the first 10 months of 2017 this number has more than 700 cases. The new equipment will contribute to helping professionals work to save lives for many patients.

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