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Japanese adult film actress JAV

Recently, when a lot of Japanese adult filmmakers have asked manufacturers and management companies to pay for them as well as to compensate for occupational accidents if something bad happens. happened. However, this is still controversial as the sales of production units have been declining considerably in recent years.
Japan is considered the country of the sex industry with AV film work is considered a profession.
Not only that, every year the number of new people want to film this line more and more, every year the industry's revenue up to billions of dollars.

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Meanwhile, the safety of life and safety in the occupation is underestimated, especially with the actress.
Many AV actresses have been barred from paying royalties, beatings, forced sex and even losing their lives on the set without any protection.
Behind the hot footage of the AV actresses are the bitter tears that many can not imagine.
Depending on the reputation of each person that receive different rates of pay. The partners will not pay directly to AV actresses but through their agency.
The management company will deduct part of the total amount to pay their salaries, celebrity stars are about 90% to most receive only about 20% of total income.
Wanting to make a lot of money means that AV actresses have to be involved in a variety of films, but not always their health status allows them to lead to illness.
Moreover, when filming, the actress must perform many unique and strange positions with high difficulty, so it is difficult to avoid injuries, bleeding sensitive parts. However, manufacturers are not fully responsible for these medical costs.
Many actresses have lost their reproductive capacity due to occupational accidents, even to their solitary lives, even death.
An AV actress named Hiroko has died of occupational accidents. In particular, Hiroko participated in filming with a foreign actor.
However, due to the intense acting that caused Hiroko to hurt the sensitive area, despite being rushed to the emergency room, but unfortunately not pass.
Hiroko's mother visits the hospital the last time she shed tears that she embarked on the AV road to make money for her gambling dad's father.

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In another case, a 25-year-old AV actress was suddenly unconscious at the studio due to heart and lung shut down.
Because the actress was not hurt outside the body, most believed that she died from a disease rather than a "labor accident."
Even some AV movie companies have exploited the lack of understanding of the actresses to have sex and dominate them.
A president of the AV production company ordered the juniors to torture four actresses who used violence against dozens of other actors.
In the end, one of them was arrested for rape and injuring 18 years in prison.
Initially, they lied to four actresses to come to the filming but in reality it was a mass sex and beaten up. One actress was tied up, tied, forced to drink and hit head in the water.

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