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Men cause no sperm

Spermatospasm is the absence of sperm in the semen sample when ejaculated. This is a common condition in male infertility.
There are many possible causes of spermatogenesis, but the most common are spermatogenic disorders, which can account for up to 50% of non-sperm cases. Ejaculation is a complex process that occurs within the testicles. Sporadic disorders may include sperm reduction, Sertoli-only syndrome ... According to the study, up to 30% of spermatozoa or spermatozoa are small, weak or malformed with structural abnormalities. Therefore, genetic abnormalities may also be one of the causes of non-spermatozoa.
The next major cause is abnormalities in the vasectomy, the most common of which is vasculature occlusion, where the sperm from the epididymis to the urethra follows the ejaculation. Vasectomy may occur after infection or in some cases after vasectomy. In addition, some congenital malformations such as no lateral vas deferens may also be one of the causes of nonspecific congestion. According to the study, this condition can occur with a frequency of about 6%.
In addition, there are some other less common causes that may be schizophrenia or hypopituitarism. Uterine retrograde (seminal vesicle backed into the bladder) is one of the common causes of vertigo. This condition can appear up to 18% in non-sperm cases.
In order to treat sperm infertility cases, if the patient does not want to receive sperm from another person, a sperm count is required. In the case of upstream ejaculation, sperm can be collected from the urine in the bladder (after proper pH adjustment).
In cases of sperm-free sperm, sperm can be obtained from the epididymis by microsurgery or a needle piercing through the skin. In rare cases, when it is impossible to obtain from the epididymis, sperm can be obtained from the testis. The spermatozoa obtained may be used in intraperitoneal sperm injection, in vitro fertilization, or sperm injection.
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