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Men ejaculate premature ejaculation?

The condition for successful conception is that eggs and sperm meet and nest in the uterus.
Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. According to the European Society of Urology, the prevalence of ejaculation in men is generally about 20-30%. 

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There are many hypotheses about premature ejaculation such as psychological, neurological sensitivities, masturbation, and sexual experience.

Many people are worried whether ejaculation will cause infertility.

Dr Le Thi Kim Dung, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Thai Ha Medical Center asserted that premature ejaculation can not conclude that it is impossible to conceive or be infertile because it depends on the early time and the quality of semen what's wrong
According to Dr Dung, the conditions for successful conception are that eggs and sperm meet and nest in the uterus. Therefore, if the premature ejaculation good sperm quality, eggs are still found and successful nest in the uterus, the possibility of pregnancy is normal.
However, in the case of male ejaculation as soon as the penis is not in the vagina, the possibility of infertility is very likely to occur, because sperm is now difficult to move to the cervix. Or if sperm is good but premature ejaculation occurs when the cervix does not expand to pick up sperm (because females have not reached sexual pleasure), the chances of having a baby are lower.
"Premature ejaculation at a mild level can still be normal if the reproductive function of both men and women is not a problem," said Dr. Dung.
According to Dr Dung, premature ejaculation has many different causes. However, if the quality of sperm is within normal range, pregnancy can still be achieved through sexual intercourse.

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Gender specialist Nguyen Ba Toan advised men not to worry too much about premature ejaculation or infertility. If you are too anxious to go to the fertility clinic, the quality of sperm can be normal. The problem of premature ejaculation is that it affects the conjugal life in the long run.
"The advice for men is to correct and treat this condition as soon as possible because it is always easier and faster," said expert Nguyen Ba Toan.
There are many methods to overcome premature ejaculation, take measures to take drugs, take measures to practice. With drug treatment, men should go to the male specialty hospital for examination and treatment; Do not buy drugs on your own, because you can buy fake medicines that will leave unpredictable consequences.

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