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Men's habits cause sperm to die prematurely

According to Ths. BS. Nguyen The Luong - Deputy Director, Hanoi Kidney Hospital, male habits will cause the sperm to die prematurely.

Temperature increase in testicles


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In men, the testes can only work well in lower temperature conditions with a body temperature of 2-4 degrees. In the absence of testicles or hidden testicles, the reproduction process will be stopped.
When exposed to high temperatures, hot weather, the scrotum exposed to high temperatures so that the scrotum can be thermostatic but longer will damage the great testicular function. When using a motorcycle, it is best to park in a shady area away from direct sunlight. Under no-roof conditions, before you sit in a car, people need to cool their seats with a wet towel or water to cool off.
In another study of the Tu Du Obstetrics Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, more than 400 couples were tested for infertility, and sperm quality was reduced in patients who worked in hot environments in other occupations. cooks, welders, metallurgists, miner ...

Phone in pants pocket

The decrease in sperm count is due to the heat of cell phones and electromagnetic waves.
If the testicles are affected by the waves, heat can affect sperm production.


Poisoning of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury can cause decreased reproductive and infertility. Pesticides, herbicides can affect the reproductive process. Particularly, dioxin has been reported to have an effect on sperm production and possibly infertility.


Smoking in men has been shown to be associated with decreased sperm counts, which reduces their ability to move. This is the main reason for the decrease in sperm quality, which is the cause of fertility problems. Apart from a series of harmful effects on health, smoking is particularly harmful during conception as it affects the processing of genetic information.


Men who regularly use alcohol also suffer from reproductive problems such as decreased sperm count and quality. This means that the sperm count is less than normal, and that a large number of these are not healthy enough to make a long journey to find and match a woman's egg.

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Due to illness

In fact, systemic diseases are more or less affecting the functioning of the testes, but are often unnoticed. People who have traumatism, surgery ... all inhibit testicular function.
Chronic renal failure leads to pituitary dysfunction and indirect suppression of testicular function. Chronic liver failure causes endocrine disruption, leading to reduced fertility, testicular atrophy, feminine, decreased sex function.

Complications of mumps

Some cases of male infertility due to reduced sperm after mastitis testicular disease

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