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Mr. Trump suddenly praised the Korean people

Trump has been stubbornly stubbornly opposed to North Korea, even declaring "destroying Pyongyang as the only measure" if Pyongyang attacks Washington.
On November 5, Trump arrived in Japan, starting a 12-day Asia tour. Before landing in Tokyo, Mr. Trump unexpectedly praised the Korean people.

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On the Air Force One, Trump said, "Koreans are really great." This is a surprise to the world because Mr. Trump from his inauguration has always kept a firm stand against Pyongyang.
However, Trump said he was considering putting North Korea on the list of terrorist financing states in the near future. "We will make a decision soon," said Trump. Currently, three US-funded terrorist states, including Iran, Sudan and Syria, Countries on this list are often subject to embargoes.
The president says North Korea is "a big problem for America and the world," but the people are "really great." The White House said the Koreans were "very warm" and hoped all Koreans would.

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During his nearly two-week visit to Asia, Trump will visit Vietnam, China, the Philippines and South Korea. In Vietnam, Trump will attend the APEC meeting and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr Trump has stated that he "wants Putin to help with the Korean problem."
Mr. Trump has repeatedly expressed his willingness to attack the military in Pyongyang if necessary. Last September, he warned that the United States would use nuclear weapons against North Korea. He also stated that "America has no choice but to destroy Korea" if Pyongyang attacks Washington.

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