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Nobita - a boy or a natural talent?

There are many details in the popular comic Doraemon not really many people notice.
For those who love the Japanese comic Doraemon, everyone is impressed with Nobita. A first-grader is built up the image of a brave guy, behind the scenes and reliant on future insecurities from times of trouble. But just by paying a little attention to the details of each story, you will discover the truth about Nobita, because he is a genius.

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Each test has a score of 0 and the test has only two correct or wrong answers. Nobita was so good at picking all the wrong answers, not one answer. While the probability of a true answer is 50%, he chooses all the answers in the remaining 50%. Is not it great to be able to choose so, or could it be assumed that Nobita has deliberately done so.
With the handwriting test, Nobita was 100 points absolute. With the wrong written tests and much more points deducted, Nobita was able to finish it perfectly. Nobita's score is either 0 points or 100 points, which is not very interesting?
According to the statistics, the time for ordinary people to sleep is about 10-15 minutes. However, Nobita just put his back to sleep, specifically the time to sleep him less than a second; just 0.93 seconds to get Nobita to fall asleep. The Nobita's ability to work is unique.
This is a natural talent that anyone can see at Nobita. It seems that this is a very specific feature in many stories. In order to create the Tokyo Nobita Tower, it takes only 2.17 seconds; Similar to the bridge image is 3.75 seconds. Meanwhile, with ordinary people can do maximum speed of 17 seconds.
Nobita's playing ability is not mediocre, especially Go. To be able to play this game, surely the brain of a elementary school student like Nobita must work a lot and have the ability to be rich to play.
Nobita runs fast, no one is, especially when the dog is chasing, dangerous stalking, or simply being Chaien friend bully. Even when the nose was down, running and screaming, Nobita kept the speed of light without a hint of shortness of breath. So is not Nobita a potential athlete?

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Not only did he hit the pinnacle in his free time pencil or fight like a real cowboy in the far west. Nobita is also known as the "space gunner" when he defeats the silver killer in the Purple Planet.
About how to convince Doraemon to lend to the Nobita is a genius. This boy has a lot of wits from crying out poorly to Doraemon to fool and get the beauty that he wants. Demonstrating that Nobita's brain is so powerful, it's just that it's not being trained at the right time.

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