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Russian special mission to transport the delegation to APEC landing in Da Nang

A Russian plane carrying the delegation to APEC APEC Weekly landed in Da Nang on the evening of November 4 under heavy rain due to typhoon Damrey.
Russian special forces present in Da Nang plane Russia's Ilyushin Il-96-300, bearing the number RA 96023 landed at Danang airport on 4/11. This is the aircraft in the special fleet of Rossiya Airlines.
The plane came from Moscow, to Sochi, then to Mongolia, via China's airspace and landed at Da Nang airport, Vietnam on the evening of Nov. 4. The plane landed in heavy rain and heavy rain because Da Nang was one of the localities affected by Hurricane Damrey.
The RA 96023 is part of the IL 96 family. It belongs to Rossiya Airlines for special flights, accommodating only 160 people, compared to the usual 250 passengers.
IL 96 conventional aircraft have a range of over 11,000 km, a maximum takeoff weight of 250 tons. Each unit costs about $ 50 million
The world currently has 28 IL-96s, some of which are used to transport leaders and other important figures of the Russian government.
It is said that the plane has met in Da Nang carrying many equipment to serve the Russian mission at the APEC Summit. Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the APEC economies summit next week.

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