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Shaving cream can harm sperm

A recent study warns that some types of shaving cream may contain imminent danger of harm to sperm quality.
Research by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst found that phthalates, a chemical commonly found in shaving cream and other personal hygiene products, may have a negative effect on male fertility. gender.

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The team monitored 48 couples who collected urine specimens during the day that men donated to assess the extent of phthalates. They found that phthalates could alter DNA in sperm by altering the chemistry of the protein to form a gene, adversely affecting sperm.
According to the researchers, this danger occurs during the time when sperm is produced and mature in the testes. If men have high levels of phthalates at this time, there is a greater risk that their sperm may be affected, while at the same time reducing the amount of sperm.

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However, scientists are not sure about the change that phthalates produce with DNA. They identified 131 genetic regions that affected phthalates, many of which are genes involved in growth, development, and maintenance of cellular function.
According to the study, men who want to father should avoid products containing more phthalates for at least three months. At the same time, the manufacturer of the product should review the ingredients used in the shaving cream.
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