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Slow ejaculation with food

Slow ejaculation is one of the symptoms of ejaculation disorder. Delayed ejaculation is not likely to ejaculate at will, even in intercourse and masturbation.

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This disorder leads to want to ejaculate it takes a lot of time, the power that both men and partners tired, psychologically heavy but still can not "finish". In some cases, it is not even possible to ejaculate despite experiencing orgasm. Introduce the drug diet to help overcome ejaculation delay to read the reference and apply when needed:
Silk tamarins: 100g green peas, 50g paprika, 100g lean chicken, seasonings, enough onion. Price of bean rinse wash, wash the hands, sliced. Clean chicken sliced. Put the pan on the stove, pour oil, non-aromatic onion, chicken to saute, then pour the price and stir in stir fry for 5 minutes, seasoning season is used. Eat 30 times a day. Diarrhea, diuretic, blood, vitamins, protid ... suitable for hard penis, ejaculation slow, or nervous, restless.

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White-cheeked woodpecker: 15g white jar, 10g pomegranate, 10 pigeon eggs, cooking oil, wine, chicken broth, ginger, spices. Chopped at the ear, chopped with boiled chicken until soft to pick up the bowl. Eggs pigeon hit the bowl and steamed. Dumplings cooked with chicken broth to ripen. Put all in boiled chicken, boiled, seasoned seasoning is OK. Eating daily, 30-day course. The food has the effect of burning fire, the kidney, the beneficial blood gas, contains many protid, vitamins and trace elements, which can enhance the immune function and metabolism of body energy. People who have strong sexual desire but have ejaculation disorder, irritability, or dizziness, tinnitus, dry mouth is very appropriate.
If all of the above measures have been tried and the ejaculatory delay is not improved, you should see a specialist for specific treatment.

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