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The technology of obscuring pornography in Japan

One device is said to be able to restore shrouded parts of pornographic films in Japan back to their original state when they are not covered.
Japan is like the "paradise" of the porn industry. From the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912), the Japanese government attempted to bring the country up to the western countries by adopting a series of laws such as public nudity, allowing action. Loneliness ... 

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These rules remain the same after World War II and are the basis for pornographic films in Japan today.
And according to the old rules, pornographic films in Japan must be covered. This law has existed for decades, and the Japanese (as well as those who watch Japanese porn movies) are easy to spot. If the film does not cover, it means that they are used to ... export, or that the film is illegally produced.
Facing this reality, some say that they like the movie is covered, because it helps them imagine. However, there are many people who do not like the film. And that is the reason for the birth of a machine named (モ ザ イ ク 除去 機 or mozaiku jyokyo-ki or another name is the mosaic eraser). The machine is "made in Japan" is equipped with a lot of switches, the rotation button to zoom into the pixelated parts in the film.
Will it work or not? A member on the MovieCodec site thinks that both are and are not. Yes, this is a machine with a filter that can reduce the mosaic: It can reduce the size of the mosaic to half and compare the color to the surrounding pixels Restore backed image to unshielded image. And it can also be said that this machine has no effect, because the covered parts are still there (only they are only clarified). In addition, to use this machine requires a lot of effort and it is difficult to use it "with one hand" - this member said.
Pornographic films in Japan are often used in technologies and algorithms to prevent them from being restored to cover. However, "higher alpine mountains", and today there are some software that are supposed to be able to bypass these algorithms. For those who want to watch the movie without cover and get the money, they can find part time jobs at adult film companies in Japan. Anyone who is proficient in blurring porn can earn $ 15 an hour, and with this skill they can earn $ 500 to $ 600 a month.

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