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What has Vietnam prepared for APEC?

The APEC Subcommittee has completed work to host the most important multilateral foreign affairs event after the Party Congress.
 Vietnam has thoroughly implemented and completed the security, reception, medical and cultural work ... to prepare for the high-level week with the theme "Creating new motivation and working together for the common future" , the most important event of the APEC Vietnam Year, will take place from November 6 to November 11 in Da Nang, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son said in a press conference yesterday.
Lieutenant General Minh Hung, deputy director general of the Security Department, permanent secretary of the APEC Health and Security Subcommittee 2017, said tens of thousands of soldiers were mobilized to ensure the security of their activities. APEC.
Accordingly, 1,500 mobile police officers, task force security guard in Da Nang, more than 500 firefighters, 800 traffic police also participate in ensuring smooth operation.
Regarding the reception, Vu Hoang Yen, deputy director of the State Department of Reception, representative of the Reception Subcommittee, said the welcoming of the head of the delegation at the airport, including the red carpet, the army staff, vows have been made. The committee has also provided facilities for meetings, functional rooms, meeting rooms for bilateral meetings between leaders of Vietnam and other countries and countries.

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The reception on the evening of 10/11 will be a highlight of the High-Level Week and well prepared. The program for ladies, husband has a detailed scenario.
Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Huynh Vinh Ai said APEC costumes were completed, this is the gift of President Tran Dai Quang for the leaders of the member economies. The international press center is equipped with modern equipment, which will serve more than 3,000 domestic and international correspondents, including 1,000 foreign correspondents. Events that limit attendance will be transmitted directly to the Press Center.
President Tran Dai Quang will preside over four major events in eight main activities of the week, including the opening of the APEC Summit Summit on November 8, Official APEC and ASEAN summit (November 10), official welcoming ceremony, APEC Leaders 'Dinner (10/11) and 25th APEC Leaders' Meeting (11/11).
At the Vietnam Business Summit on Nov. 7, Vietnam's first regional enterprise, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, will speak at the opening. This is an event for Vietnam to promote economic policies, develop and introduce the potential of investment, business and tourism.
Another important activity of APEC Week is the program for the wife and spouse of APEC leaders on November 11 in Hoi An and Danang. President Nguyen Thi Hien will preside over this program.
Explaining the choice of Da Nang as the venue for the APEC Senior Week, Vice Minister Son said that this is a new dynamic development center of the Central and Vietnam in general. Vietnam wants to introduce to international friends a common image of a country that is dynamic, dynamic and deeply integrated. Da Nang, Quang Nam and Hue are the centers for the activities of the High-Level Week.
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According to Deputy Minister Son, the agenda of the APEC Summit will be related to the concretization of the theme of "Creating new momentum, fostering common future" and four priorities of APEC 2017. that is to promote sustainable growth, innovation and coverage; promote deep economic links; enhancing the competitiveness and creativity of micro, small and medium enterprises in the digital age; Enhancing food security and sustainable agriculture adapt to climate change.
Deputy Minister Son said that at the APEC Summit, leaders of member economies will discuss and evaluate the results of the cooperation in 2017 and set out the strategy for the coming years.
Important APEC conferences are held in the context of rapid and complex global and regional developments. Global economic and trade growth is positive, but in the long term risks remain, and trade protectionism is on the rise, said Son.

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In a new context with many challenges, leaders will also discuss measures to further bolster the Forum's co-ordination momentum, contributing to the APEC stature leading to the challenges of the world and the region, bringing practical benefits to people and businesses.
Determining the year of APEC 2017 is the most important multilateral foreign affairs event that Vietnam has hosted since the XIIth National Party Congress, Deputy Minister Son said Vietnam wants to achieve some goals, affirmed. Continue the foreign policy of independence, autonomy, diversification, multilateralism.
As APEC host, Vietnam continues to grow and cooperate in the region, promoting trade and investment linkages within APEC, ensuring that it is the region's leading forum for development and prosperity. of the economy

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