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What is the world saying about APEC Da Nang - Vietnam 2017?

According to Novakova, the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit is one of Vietnam's most important foreign policy events in recent years, confirming the pathway. actively integrate into the international arena and will promote the enhancement of Vietnam's role and position in the international arena.
In these days, a number of major news agencies around the world, but Reuters, ABCnews, BBC ... are writing about the preparation of APEC in Danang - Vietnam and said that this is a great event, the opportunity to connect. Linking the great men of the world to sit back and discuss the prosperous future of the Asia-Pacific.
According to the VNA, on November 1st, the Vietnam and ASEAN Research Center held a roundtable on "APEC 2017 in Vietnam: Regional Development Opportunities". The seminar attracted the participation of leading experts in the field of research in Vietnam, APEC and Asia. At the workshop, experts focused on the achievements of Vietnam after 30 years of renovation; diversifying foreign economic relations, diversity in foreign policy, integration of the regional and world economy of Vietnam.
Presented at the workshop, Associate Professor Oksana Novakova of the Institute of Asian-African Studies at the Moscow State University, Lomonosov (MGU) emphasized that after implementing the doi moi policy in 1986 , Vietnam has rapidly joined the world community as a developing country, has a more liberal economic policy, is ready to cooperate with all possible partners in the world, and emerges as A potential political leader in Southeast Asia. Not only promoting economic cooperation, but also Vietnam attaches great importance to coordinated action to maintain security in the region. Peace and development are two main directions in Vietnam's current foreign policy.
According to Novakova, the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit is one of Vietnam's most important foreign policy events in recent years, confirming the pathway. It will promote Vietnam's international role and position in the international arena, while promoting Viet Nam's image as a dynamic, hospitable and safe developing country.

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Sharing this opinion, expert Anna Aksenova, MGU University lecturer said that the economy of Vietnam is proving dynamic development; High growth rate of GDP (in the period of 2010 - 2016 the average is 6%); Vietnam's economic growth is largely attributed to the influx of foreign investment. It is worth mentioning that the key investors in Vietnam come from APEC member countries, which are geographically close and have common interests, integrating within the framework of regional alliances.
The Bangkok Post published a commentary on Vietnam's role as the host country for the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. Da Nang city from 10-11.11. According to this report, Da Nang is considered as the most famous port city of Vietnam, and will be considered the link between Southeast Asia and the rest of the world in the future.
In addition to economic cooperation, this APEC Summit also offers a unique opportunity. During the visit of US President Donald Trump to Danang, Vietnam can show diplomatic sophistication, which has been recognized internationally.
In addition, according to the Bangkok Post, Vietnam will also use the APEC Summit to urge Washington to adopt a clearer stance on trade and investment liberalization.
 Ambassador Ted Osius, in his bid to end his term with Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, highly appreciated Vietnam's role in multilateral forums and expressed his admiration for the preparations for APEC 2017. Vietnam; stressed that the APEC events held in different localities showed the active and active of Vietnam.
Anthony Nelson, Director of East Asia and Pacific Affairs at Albright Stonebridge said in an interview with VOV: "I think that Vietnam is an important country in APEC. If we follow developments in the world, we will see developments since World War II, especially in Asia, where many countries have truly transformed and become great powers. Economically like Japan and Korea.
What is the world saying about APEC Da Nang - Vietnam 2017?

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Vietnam is one of the countries in the forthcoming development with rapid growth and has the opportunity to become the leading economies in the world.
The hosting of APEC will give Vietnam the opportunity to show that the Government of Vietnam is moving towards economic reform as well as fulfilling its commitments, especially in global economic integration.
For countries interested in multilateralisation of international relations, APEC is one

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