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Why does Japan have many of the world's biggest movie actors?

According to a recent report in Japan, one in every 200 Japanese women has an AV filmmaker.
A number of people are surprised. Between the ages of 19 and 55, one in every 200 Japanese women has an AV filmmaker.

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What does this ratio mean? It means a lot of Japanese women join the AV industry. Unlike conventional films, AV films do not require acting but require a high degree of physical appearance and proportion. Especially the body because AV actors can not use clothes to cover up the defects on their body.
And if you ask why the porn industry has a lot of female actors, it's because there are "demand-supply". As the demand grows, the higher the number of participants.
The main reason for this is the simplicity and intuition. The porn industry uses the resources available in Japan but has a tremendous effect. The cost of a Japanese AV movie is only a fraction of that of Hollywood movies. Meanwhile, a DVD movie is sold at a premium of JPY 3,000 - 4,000 (JPY 500,000 - 700,000). Japanese movies are exported to many other countries in the world, producing up to 5, 6 times the film of the United States.
It is for this reason that the selection of actors is quite easy, even the filmmakers often stand in the crowded back and forth, then see which beautiful girl passing through, come on acquaintance, inviting with the hope of recruiting them. Moreover, if you agree, you can sign the contract on the spot.
The salary of an AV actor can range from a few tens of thousands of JPY to several hundred thousand JPY, equivalent to a low to high salary of a civil servant. If they are actively working and enjoying, they earn a salary within a few days as a senior manager.
Sex pornography is legalized in Japan, so do not discriminate against sex workers.
AV actress has a pretty safe retreat. Famous people, become the "security" of the porn industry, continue to pursue long. Most of the time, if you do not spend a fortune, you can open a bar, beauty salon or a small shop.
Although some stereotypical views still exist in some parts of society, in Japan, pornography has been legalized and AV actors are considered a profession, so there is no discrimination. treat.
And although not all Japanese men accept a wife as an AV actress, most will still choose if they feel suitable, full of love towards marriage. In fact, in the AV movie industry in Japan there are countless actors who have married or after retirement they have a comfortable life.

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